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Safira has been a professional relationship & life psychic advisor for over 10 years. From business people to advocates, house wives to famous people, and everyone in between, she adviced over 200 clients per year in areas such as relationship, career, health, and finance issues. Safira has often been called by clients and friends, "The Soul Mate Relationship Specialist". Her truthfull, unique, and divined guidance has made her a well respected divine relationship expert.

The Moon

Major Arcana’s The Moon Card The Moon card is the eighteenth card in the Major Arcana deck. This card comes in between The Sun and The Star. This card focuses more on the inner disturbance or feelings of dread, foreboding, and disquiet. This interprets situations to be deceptive. However, this can be changed in some areas in one’s life that are of great importance. This card is illustrated heavily. The common drawings for this card ...

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The Star

Major Arcana’s The Star Card As the seventeenth card in the Major Arcana deck, The Star holds the position which focuses on the future. This card is a positive card. This is oftentimes associated with love tarot and hope. It may also refer to a renewal of energy. It may also be associated with calmness, peace, and faith. This card is oftentimes referred to as The Astronomer or The Navigator. The Star is illustrated with ...

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The Tower Card

Major Arcana’s The Tower Card As one of the tarot cards in the major arcana deck, The Tower card holds the sixteenth position. It follows immediately after The Devil card. This card may be used in tarot card reading and divination, but this card is exempted from any other card games. In other words, The Tower is a card that is not being used in every card game. This card is heavily associated with words ...

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Love Tarot Reading to Help with Decisions

Fear is a factor that always surrounds a relationship. It is a great hurdle whose cause can sometimes be identified by a psychic tarot reading. Sometimes you try really hard to keep the relationship alive. A psychic reader can help you give direction on your decisions. Through a tarot relationship analysis you will be able to increase your perception. It also helps with your intuition regarding love issues and personal problems. The tarot cards provide ...

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The Devil

the devil - major arcana

Major Arcana’s The Devil Card When it comes to divination, tarot card reading, and even game playing, one should not forget to familiarize the major arcana deck. Having twenty two cards in it, the major arcana deck is as important as the minor arcana deck. This deck will help the tarot card reader interpret the fate of the person who is asking for a divination. The fifteenth card in the deck is The Devil. This ...

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temperance tarot card

Major Arcana’s Temperance Card One of the tarot cards which has a great importance in the major arcana deck is the 14th trump card. The 14th trump card is the well-known Temperance card. The Temperance card is definitely on of the key figures when it comes to tarot interpretation. This tarot card stand in between the Death card and The Devil card. When it comes to major arcana cards, the first thing that would come ...

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Death – Tarot Card Meaning

death - tarot card meaning

Major Arcana’s Death Card The Death, which is considered as the thirteenth trump card in the major arcana deck, is practically being used in most traditional tarot card reading and other games. Aside from the games being played by both the young and the old aged people, the tarot cards can also be used in divination. With the proper skills, one will be able to read what the card unfolds about the future. Moreover, the ...

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