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Death – Tarot Card Meaning

Major Arcana’s Death Card

The Death, which is considered as the thirteenth trump card in the major arcana deck, is practically being used in most traditional tarot card reading and other games. Aside from the games being played by both the young and the old aged people, the tarot cards can also be used in divination. With the proper skills, one will be able to read what the card unfolds about the future. Moreover, the reading this card along with the other arcana cards do not only require skills but patience and experience too.

death - tarot card meaningThe Death card is commonly depicted as a skeleton. He is drawn to be riding his own horse. The skeleton riding the horse is holding a black flag with a white flower as its ensigna. It is also evident in the picture of the card that the figure is being surrounded by dead bodies. The corpses belong to the different kings, parishioners and bishops. There are also commoners who lay died or dying at the foot of the horse. The picture gives off the feeling that it really is the harbinger of death.

The white flower on the symbol is not just any other flower. It is the so-called Mystic Rose. The Mystic Rose has been said, ever since the ancient times, to depict and symbolize life. It is a symbolism for the much-coveted and difficult-to-explain concept which is rebirth.

A majority of the type of deck writes the name of the card underneath the illustration. There are, however, those cards which eliminates the name by not printing it out underneath the illustration. Examples of such decks is the Tarot of Marseilles.

Death Card Interpretations

The interpretation of the said tarot cards is being offered in a wide range of possibilities. The idea of getting a Death tarot card in a tarot reading will often revolve around the words that depicts the end of a cycle. This may mean a loss or a conclusion. It may also mean sadness.

Other interpretation would mean a transition into another state. Meaning, a change from the old state into a new one. This may also refer to a psychological transformation since a literal transformation, or a physical change, is less likely to occur.

Another interpretation tells about being caught in something that cannot be escaped. This may also refer to something around the lines of saying good byes. It is can also sometimes be referred to as a symbolization of deep change.

There is also an interpretation that tells about something more trivial. It is an interpretation that lies along the boundaries of finishing up. This may mean a regeneration, a springing up from something stagnant and old into something revitalized and new. It is equally referring to the elimination of one’s old patterns.

All of the interpretations are figurative, however. It is less likely to refer to a physical death. It will just refer to the death of a love relationship or of an interest. No interpretations have been given out that refers to the elimination of the life of a person so it should not worry anyone to an extent.

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