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The Devil

Major Arcana’s The Devil Card

When it comes to divination, tarot card reading, and even game playing, one should not forget to familiarize the major arcana deck. Having twenty two cards in it, the major arcana deck is as important as the minor arcana deck. This deck will help the tarot card reader interpret the fate of the person who is asking for a divination.

the devil - major arcanaThe fifteenth card in the deck is The Devil. This card is more focused on adverse conditions. It is also related to a negative cycle of events. This card is also oftentimes used in a divination called the Hieroscopia. The divination Hieroscopia is the type of foretelling of the future which involves the examination of entrails of the sacrificial victims.

The Devil card is being illustrated by having a demon sit above two human demons. One of the human demons is a male while the other one is a female. Both of them are being depicted as naked in the card. They are also being chained to the seat on which the Devil is sitting on.

It is also said that the devil being illustrated in the Devil card is derived from the famous illustration “Baphomet” of Eliphas Levi’s Dogme et Ritual de la Haute Magie. In the illustration, Baphomet has wings and horns befitting of a demon. His physical appearance is a combination of human-like and beast-like features.

the devil - modernSome of the modern day tarot cards are portraying the devil as someone who has a satyr-like feature. Sometimes, he is also being illustrated with facial features that are positioned in unusual places. A perfect example of this is the picture which illustrates him to have his mouth on his stomach and his eyes on his knees. The Devil is also portrayed having female breasts and male genitalia.

It is also a common illustration for most tarot card decks to have the Devil sitting on an altar. He is drawn to be holding up a flaming torch on his left hand. The flaming torch is inverted though, the fire directed towards the earth. On his forehead, there is a reversed pentagram.

The reversed pentagram is said to be the symbol of evil. It is a symbol which attracts sinister forces as it implies an overturning of order and power. It is also a symbol which demonstrates triumph of the matter over the spirit.

The Devil Card Interpretations

The frequent analysis of this card will often revolve around materialism. Furthermore, there will be values of ignorance, stagnation, and self-bondage that will arise when this card is included within the throw. It may also depict one’s lust, egoism, and sometimes, one’s obsession. This may also mean the provocation or existence of anxiety, hatred, and anger.

It may also become a symbol for sexuality, which means that there will be a lot of temptations around. This sexuality, or temptation per se, may lead to doubts and perhaps vices. There will also be the topic of futility. It may also revolve around physical attraction, and eventually to pessimism as one’s insight.

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