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  1. What do you pick up about Richard? Is he my soulmate what is the connection is it past life? How does he really feel about me? Will we be together? Will I marry him?

  2. What do you pick up about Donnie?
    How does he truly feel about me?
    What is there that I need to know him and the attitude and behaviour changes towards me?
    What are his feelings on our relationship?
    Will we continue to be together?
    Is he my soul mate?
    Will he marry me?
    His D.O.B. is 30-Sep-1974 and mine is the 22-01-77

  3. will mary return to me very soon

  4. charles 7-31-1960 mary 6-9-1961

  5. what do you pick about zubair? how does he fell about me? will he marry me?

  6. Hi i split up with my ex partner Christopher whom i still love do you think he still cares about me&still wants to be with me?

  7. im dating this guy named chad. He was born 2/3/86. when he will propose to me? & i was born 12/22/82.

  8. Will Natalia return to me?

  9. Will,he,marry me?

  10. what are my boyfriend true intentions towards me?

  11. will Nazmi return to me, or will he thinks about me or will he marry me?

  12. Will Cory ever talk to me again? Am I still on his mind?

  13. What are picking up on Michael? Is he my soul mate?

  14. how does my love live look for the next 6 months

  15. is there any hope and chances to my broken marriage?

  16. Derrek and I hav a long distance love for a 14 months. We wld see each other once or twice a month. He has brought up marriage twice. September he said he wants to get married next year. He seems to be distant. I ask if we are ok, he says yes. I’m confused. I’m 11-16-60 female he is 06_18-73 male. Thanks

  17. Will I find a soul mate I was born 2 december 1985

  18. does my boyfriend love me or not?

  19. Married and in love with my ex.

  20. What the future holds for me in 2012?

  21. Is taher and I over is he talking or with someone elts

  22. does ajay want to be with me?

  23. Is taher and I over is he with someone elts will we get back together or will I find true love with someone elts his bday january 6 1988 and mine augest 14 1988

  24. i really feel betrayed about my muslim lover of almost 5 years because i felt he used me to serve his own personal needs and comformt. And when he fell in love with a girl 20 years younger than me and a muslim, he decided to marry her without telling me because he said that he is afraid that i get hurt. Well, i found out and i got hurt of course, but our relationship went on until i really put a stop to it 2 months before they are going to be married. This guy says that he loves us both and i used to think that he was a friend. I have been so faithful and loyal to him that i still feel angry and i want to really hurt back. I know his life now is a bit difficult financially and he calls it his karma. I dont believe it. anyway, i wish him a good life. but i really really hate seeing them. I dont want to see this man who lies on his teeh abuot his love for me. I never thought he could lie that much.would you kindly enlightmen me on what really happened? i am so confused.

  25. i wanted to know why i been dreaming about one of my ex boyfriend i really liked him and we went out for 3months but i chead on him when we started going out. but lately i been dreaming of him. i dream that we end up going out again sometimes i feel like i still like him alot and i ask my self if he still thinks of me lik i do

  26. Will I get a new job?

  27. Is gh in love with me.

  28. sandrene galbraith

    what my future holds?
    will i ever find some1 that loves and care about me

  29. Is Ruben setting someone else or does he truly love me

  30. My husband and I have been in a relationshipi 7 years and have a daughter but we have faced many obstacles specially these past 2 years. Is this relationship worth the fight? I love him

    My DOB 01/13/1991 his is 02/18/1988

  31. I have feelings for my high school sweetheart. We hv kept in touch off and on since 2009. Last I knew, he was involved and I am as well but not happy. How does my my ex feel about me? Do we have a future together? Why haven’t I heard from him? When will I hear from him. What is his status?

  32. I am married to the father of my three boys his name is pete. however i feel a very stong feeling for his brother and he feels the same way about me is it love or lust what should i do

  33. Who should I be with? Who is my soulmate?

  34. Is now the time to end my relationship?
    should i continue a friendship with a friend?

  35. My boyfriend cheated on me once will he or has he done it before. Or is he sorry

  36. I have split up with my wife after 3 year but still love her will we get back together or do I need to move on as she has if so where is my love life going

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