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The Chariot

Major Arcana’s The Chariot Card

The Chariot; Many people who are into divination and tarot card reading are familiar with both the minor arcana deck and the major arcana deck. The minor arcana deck are composed of 56 cards. On the other hand, there are twenty two cards available in the major arcana deck. One of the twenty two cards under the major arcana deck is The Chariot. This card is the seventh card in the said deck.

chariotThis card is illustrated in a simple manner. There is a prince who is sitting in a chariot. The chariot is being carried by two sphinxes. The two sphinxes are oftentimes replaced by horses on some tarot cards. It is also remarkable that the steeds on the card are given an alternate motif of black and white. Meaning, one of the steeds pulling the chariot is black while the other one is white.

The princely figure is also illustrated to have a crown or a helmet. Some representations in traditional tarot card decks gave the princely figure wings. It can also be noticed that the figure is holding sword or sometimes a wand. A variety of masculine symbols may also replace the sword or the wand. In the famous Thot tarot card deck, it can be seen that the figure is controlling the four different animals. The animals being controlled are the representations of the four elements.

The Chariot Interpretation

Interpreting this card is the most difficult of all, according to most tarot card readers. There are many interpretations that can be derived from this card. It also has a lot of things and values attached to it that are needed to be reminded to a person. It all depends on the experience of the reader on how he or she will interpret the appearance of the card.

One of the interpretations that can be derived from this card is that this card may represent war. It represents a struggle that one will have to face sooner or later in his life. Moreover, the outcome of the struggle or the war is always a hard-earned victory that will really make one’s life fulfilled. As long as the person has the appropriate willpower to face the battle, he or she will definitely emerge victorious.

It will also mean control and unification between two opposites, as being portrayed by the black and white steeds pulling the chariot. Control is highly needed in order to pull together these opposites into one direction, as they may be pulling the chariot into opposite direction. The person is being reminded to possess the appropriate control in order to overcome obstacles. Confidence will come along later on.

The Chariot also indicates loyalty and faith. Additionally, it will also indicate motivation. It also tells that one should have enough conviction to face his own life. It is needed to become the victor no matter what kind the obstacles are. However, the interpretation will change if the card is inverted because this will mean that the person will be losing the battle because he or she is lacking the necessary control to lead his life.

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