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The Emperor

Major Arcana’s The Emperor

Tarot cards are the tools used by most talented fortune tellers to perform their tarot card reading and divination. The tarot cards, along with the fortune teller’s expertise and experience will be able to give an accurate guide on a person’s future. With the help of the tarot cards, one’s fortune can be told as accurate as possible.

the emperorOne of the cards belonging to the major arcana is The Emperor. It is the fourth trump card in the deck. It comes in between The Empress and The Hierophant. Being the fourth means a lot since the number four is a symbol of stability. With The Emperor in the deck, fortune telling, divination, and even game playing will become easier.

The card is illustrated according to the name given to the card. It has an Emperor as its dominating character. The Emperor is sitting on his throne, like most emperors do, and is holding a scepter on his left hand. He is being accompanied by the Eagle of the Holy Roman Empire. The said heraldic Eagle is oftentimes embedded on The Emperor’s shield. However, there are illustrations that draws the Eagle as a free-standing statue or a live bird.

As it’s character is oftentimes portrayed in stories of fiction and non-fiction, it is supposed to symbolize strength. He is the symbol of the top of the secular hierarchy. The fourth card is the symbol of the ultimate male ego. As its dominance suggests, The Emperor is the absolute ruler of the world.

The Emperor Interpretations

The interpretation of this card in the throw is oftentimes varying according to the other cards it goes with. It may mean stability in being the head of the family, establishing the necessary authority and power of fatherhood. It may also mean control, having the full reign in terms of discipline, giving out proper commands, and thinking straight with proper common sense.

Other interpretations for The Emperor card may revolve around a person’s status quo. This status quo may lead to establishing proper order, building a proper structure, and launching egocentrism. There is also the meaning of tradition which is closely related to the keywords such as rigidity and experience. Another word that is the closest to tradition may be inflexibility.

Most tarot card readers would interpret the existence of The Emperor in the throw to be the manifestation of the person’s desire to rule over his surrounding. When this card appears in a tarot card reading, it is most likely to tell that the person should be able to accept that there are just some things around him or her that he or she cannot control.

As the Emperor card is a symbol of stability too, it may represent the apparent comfort, self worth, and power that is brought about by being stable. However, there are things that a person must overcome with this. Since the sense of comfort may allow the sense of entitlement one has to grow, there might be manifestation of corruption and malice. This should be avoided at all cost.

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