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The Empress

Major Arcana’s The Empress Card

For many years now, the third card in the Major Arcana deck has always been The Empress card. Along with the other cards, The Empress card is necessary in order to make a complete divination. After all, tarot cards with a complete Major and Minor Arcana deck is the most competent tool to use when it comes to divination, fortune telling, and even simple game playing.

the empressThe illustration for The Empress card is simple yet elegant. The dominating character is an empress. The card dons a starry crown while holding a scepter in one hand. The crown she is wearing consists of twelve stars She sits on a throne, befitting that of an empress, in the middle of a field of grain. Sometimes, the illustration also includes the emblem of Venus.

Each of the illustration on the card has their own symbolization. This Empress herself is the picture of her power over life. Meanwhile, the twelve stars that makes up her crown is the symbolization of her very own dominance all throughout the year. Being seated on a throne which is placed in the midst of a grain field also represents her dominance over all things growing.

The illustration for the card has been remodeled over the five centuries that have passed since its creation. Over the five centuries worth of history, many parties and factors has induced the changes in the illustrations of the said card. The changes, which includes additions and deletions, are related mostly to the starry crown, the emblem of Venus, the shield with the emblem of the Holy Roman Empire, and the scepter. The changes also include the vegetation surrounding the throne and the wildlife around it. It has also been rumored that The Empress card’s illustration is an allegory of The Empress Adelaide who was beatified by the Catholic Church.

The Empress Interpretations

The most famous interpretation for The Empress card is its close representation to being a mother. It means that The Empress card is referring to someone who is a creator or someone who is a nurturer. Because of these representations, it is also said that some tarot card decks illustrate The Empress as a pregnant woman.

This card is the full representation of the creation of life. It symbolizes a great idea that is starting to exist and is at the phase before it is fully born. The Empress may also represent romance, art, and business.

This third card in the Major Arcana deck is also sometimes being said to have been modeled after a few Greek goddesses. One of the said goddesses that inspired the illustration of The Empress card is the goddess Venus. She is the goddess of love and all things beautiful. That is the reason why some deck possesses the Empress card with the emblem of Venus on it. There are also decks with The Empress card modeled after Demeter. She is the goddess of abundance. She is depicted to be the giver of earthly gifts. Her personality is also tainted with being overprotective and possessive of the things that are really precious to her.

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