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The Hermit

Major Arcana’s The Hermit Card

The Hermit card is the ninth card of the 22 Major Arcana Cards. Some tarot card decks have given The Hermit card the name Le Moine or The Monk. Some of the tarot card decks gave this card the name Time. The Viking Tarot card, however, represents The Hermit as Heimdall who is living at the edge of Asgard with Gjallarhorn beside him. Both are said to be waiting for the signs of the beginning of Ragnarok. In the Mythic Tarot, The Hermit is represented with Cronus.

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In tarot reading, the card deck is being divided into two subdecks. One of the deck is called the Major Arcana, which is composed of 22 cards, while the other one is called the Minor Arcana, which has 56 cards in total. One of the important cards in the 22-card Major Arcana is The Hermit card.

This card is illustrated with an old person as its dominating figure. The old person can be either a man or a woman. The person is depicted to be carrying a staff in his one hand while a lit lantern is on his other hand. The background of the card is a wasteland, and beyond that is a mountain range. He is also drawn to be wearing a cowl. This cowl protects the card and isolates him.

The Hermit Interpretations

There are two common interpretations for this card. The first one interprets the card as the growing need for a person to withdraw from society for a while and get himself accustomed or comfortable in being with himself. The second interpretation states that one needs to return from isolating himself back into the society and share the knowledge that he has acquired to others.

It is also said that by internalizing the lessons of life, The Hermit becomes the lesson himself. It is being portrayed as a shamanistic hero who has completed a journey of withdrawal and return. In some interpretation, the isolation of The Hermit is the most dangerous part since there is a possibility for the person to completely isolate himself from the world because of various reasons.

The frequent keywords that usually arises when this card appears in a tarot card reading is introspection. This means that one needs to envelope himself first into silence in order to achieve proper guidance and be able to reflect on the things in his life. Solitude is also another keyword. This means that one must be able to look inward, be recluse, and be quiet. Inner search is common too. This means that one will be able to achieve a deeper understanding about himself if he embraces isolation. A little bit of distance and retreat from people regarding the hermit may also enhance one’s philosophical attitude.

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