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The Lovers

Major Arcana’s The Lovers Card

The Lovers card is invariably the sixth card in the Major Arcana deck. This is a very important part of the Major Arcana deck. Since a tarot card deck will become useless when one card is missing. Like any other tradition decks. A complete tarot card deck will be useful in tarot card game playing, divination, tarot card reading, and fortune telling.

the loversThis card is a representation of the relationships and choices that one makes in his life. The appearance of The Lovers card in a deck will most likely tell a person that he or she is about to make a decision regarding his or her existing relationship. This may also refer to temptations that may shake one’s heart. The appearance of this card may also be a sign for the appearance of a potential life partner.

It is through this card that we are being warned of some changes in some aspects of our life. Meaning, there might be parts of our life that we have to sacrifice in order to gain a relationship. This could also be vice versa. This may also represent the acceptance of one potential life partner and turning down another. In general, the appearance of this card means to make a choice in the relationship aspect of one’s life.

This card is said to be closely associated to the star sign of Gemini. Some decks even gave this card the name The Twins because of that. This card has other associations such as Mercury, Air, and Zayin (a Hebrew letter).

The Lovers Interpretation

To interpret this card, the frequent phrases that might appear may be love relationships, pleasure, individual values, and affinity. These phrases may give a result of union, humanism, physical attraction, and bonding respectively. When there is a union, passion arises and sexuality is stressed out. For humanism, one’s desire and personal belief may be brought out into the interpretation. Physical attraction will also result into a connection too. Bonding may also lead to romance that will stir a person’s heart.

In the Marseilles Tarot, the appearance of The Lovers is also interpreted as a choice of whether to doubt or not. This is a dilemma that may prove to be difficult to find a permanent solution. The interpretation varies, though. However, no matter how the tarot card reader interprets it. One must always take into consideration that the reading is also based on experience.

This card is also a direct representation of the impulse that has drive us out of the Garden of Eden. It is also a representation of our turn towards adulthood. This representation may turn out to be a manifestation of our curiosity towards things. Sometimes, it becomes a manifestation of our sexual desires. It may also become a manifestation of our duty.

The Lovers card is the symbolism of us being human. It is a reminder that no matter how perfect our life has been. There will always be a time when we have to face life – and our problems – like any human would. No matter who we faces – be it lovers, adversaries, or friends. We are being taught lessons that makes us fully human.

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