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The Magician

Major Arcana’s The Magician

As the first card in the Major Arcana deck, The Magician card should never be lost, damaged, or left out of the deck. This card is as important as any other cards. This is because an incomplete tarot deck card will not be useful in anything. After all, a tarot deck card can be used for tarot card game playing, fortune telling, tarot card reading, love tarot and divination.

the magicianThe Magician card sometimes comes first in the deck if The Fool card is numbered 22. Whether The Magician card succeeds The Fool card or not, it does not change the fact that this card precedes The High Priestess. This card is oftentimes referred to as Le Bateleur in French, which typically means “the mountebank”, “the deft hand of an artist”, or “a practitioner of stage magic”.

In Tarot of Marseilles, the illustration of The Magician has a male performing magic as the main figure of the card. The brim of the hat of the card is drawn in order to look the same as that of the mathematical sign of infinity. Other additional symbols include setting up the magician’s table outdoors.

There are display items on the table that is said to represent the three suits of the Minor Arcana deck which are the Coins, Cups, and the Sword (which is oftentimes drawn as a knife). The Club, however, is drawn as a baton which he holds in his hand. This baton will serve as the magician’s wand later on as the illustration was changed slowly over the centuries that has passed.

the magicianSome cards, however, draw The Magician card as someone who has the likeness of Apollo. He is drawn to have shining eyes and a confident smile on his face. There is also a mysterious symbol of the Holy Spirit above his head. This mysterious symbol is the depiction of life, an endless cord which is also in the likeness of the mathematical symbol infinity. An ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail, is also drawn on The Magician’s waist. Ever since ancient times, the ouroboros has always been the symbol of eternity.

In his right hand, the Magician‘s wand is raised towards the Heavens. His left hand, on the other hand, is pointing towards the earth. The meaning of this is taken to represent the ability of The Magician to bridge Heaven and Earth. On the table in front of The Magician, there exist the four symbolization of the Four Suits belonging to the Minor Arcana deck. This also symbolizes fire, earth, water, and air.

The Magician Interpretation

The Magician’s card is being interpreted to be a representation of action, practicality, precising, and being objective. These will give rise to the possibility of bringing out the consciousness, energy, conviction, and focus of a person respectively. While his consciousness is in full effect, one may be able to concentrate on his own personal powers. In energy, creativity and movement will follow. In conviction, manipulation and self confidence is possible. In being focused, determination and initiative will be the result.

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