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Wheel of Fortune

Major Arcana’s The Wheel of Fortune

The tenth card of the 22 Major Arcana Cards is the Wheel of Fortune card. This card comes in between The Hermit card and the Strength (which is also called Fortitude) card. Like most cards, this card completes the Major Arcana and makes it possible for the deck to be usable for tarot card readings, divination, and tarot card game playing.

wheel of fortuneThe Wheel of Fortune card focuses on things on a person’s life that poses a conflict of interest. It is also said to foretell any unexpected developments that will soon happen in one’s life. There will be important news that will come in the near future. These pieces of information will be the trigger for changes that will alter a person’s course in life.

It is also said that the Wheel of Fortune is a representation of the gods turning the wheel to decide our fate. It is said that this card tells us that only the gods know what is ahead of us, what will become of us in the future, and what things are supposed to be. It is also implied that everything in our life is already decided for us beforehand.

Earlier illustrations of this card were basically modeled after Rota Fortunae. Rota Fortunae is the wheel of the goddess Fortuna. The drawing for this card is shown to have six to eight-spoked wheel. It is oftentimes drawn with a human attendant or a Sphinx. The human attendant will be made to wear an Egyptian-styled headdress.

More often than not, the wheel of fortune is shown without any letters or symbols drawn on it. However, there are cards which prints the letters T, A, R, and O on the four portions of the wheel. The letters can be read as ROTA, which is the Latin word for “wheel”. The letters are sometimes transliterated too, forming the words YHWH which is God’s name in Israel.

In addition, there is a slight variation in the illustration for the Waite card. There are four winged creatures illustrated, one in every corner of the card. As it is, it is also said that the four winged creatures at the corner are representations to the four Evangelists. Furthermore, the wheel is inscribed with alchemical symbols which represents the classical four elements namely earth, fire, water, and air. With these representations, it is also said that Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio are another identification for the four winged creatures.

Wheel of Fortune Interpretations

The card is given an interpretation closely related to life’s turning point. Along with the turning point, opportunities may knock on the person’s door. A person will have many possibilities ahead of his life. It may also mean destiny. Destiny means fate and that becomes a strong force that affects a person’s life. This also means movement.

Sudden events is another key phrase for the wheel of fortune card. The speed on which the events suddenly crash into a person’s life is proportional to the new developments that will make one’s life move. The wheel of fortune card is also said to be a representation for life cycle.

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