The Moon

Major Arcana’s The Moon Card

The Moon card is the eighteenth card in the Major Arcana deck. This card comes in between The Sun and The Star. This card focuses more on the inner disturbance or feelings of dread, foreboding, and disquiet. This interprets situations to be deceptive. However, this can be changed in some areas in one’s life that are of great importance.

The Moon - Tarot Card MeaningThis card is illustrated heavily. The common drawings for this card is that there are two foreboding pillars. Many people perceive these pillars as tombstones while others view them as Karma. Two canines, one a wolf and the other a domesticated dog, howls into The Moon. There is also a crayfish that appears in the water. It is also illustrated that The Moon sheds fertilizing dew in large moisture drops. Because of this, people view this card as a sign of impregnation.

In Mythic tarot deck, this card is illustrated in the likeness of Artemis. Sometimes, Selene and Hecate are painted as alternatives. In the Flemish deck, however, The Moon is particularly drawn to be a woman sitting on the right-hand corner.

On Rider-Waite, there are some additional illustrations that are specific to this deck only. For one, The Moon is shown to be frowning. The facial expression is showing intense displeasure. It is also shown to be a waxing moon. Additionally, it is illustrated to have 16 chief rays along with 16 secondary rays. The dog and the wolf in the illustration are also said to represent the natural fear of one’s mind. It is also a noticeable fact that the crayfish in this card is crawling from the water towards the land. Also, the most famous addition for this specific tarot deck will be the noticeable pathway that leads to somewhere unknown.

The Moon Interpretations

The card is interpreted in various ways. For one, the card may represent lack of clarity. This will cause tension and doubt to arise and thus may also result to fantasy. Deception is another representation of this card. The deception may cause psychological conflict and thus will result to an obscured vision. This may also be interpreted as confusion, illusion, and fear. Imagination may induce worries. Romanticism is another interpretation. This is the cause for anxiety, apprehension, and unrealistic ideas.

Other meaning of the card may have something to do with the person’s sleeping patterns. This may mean that the card may have something to do with a person’s dreams and nightmares. This may mean that the person is going through a difficult time at this point of his or her life. In order to avoid losing one’s self to the weight of the emotion, it will be best to immerse in arts where one’s creativity and initiative will be naturally brought out.

The appearance of this card in the reading may also be interpreted as closely related to being uncertain. This means that there may be parts of one’s past that seem to haunt the person even now. This may also tell of the uncertainty one feels towards a journey that he or she is bound to undergo in the future.

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