The Star

Major Arcana’s The Star Card

As the seventeenth card in the Major Arcana deck, The Star holds the position which focuses on the future. This card is a positive card. This is oftentimes associated with love tarot and hope. It may also refer to a renewal of energy. It may also be associated with calmness, peace, and faith.

The Star - Tarot Card MeaningsThis card is oftentimes referred to as The Astronomer or The Navigator. The Star is illustrated with a naked woman as its dominating figure. The naked woman is drawn to be kneeling on the brink of a body of water. One of her foot is stepping on the water while the other one is firmly placed on land. There is a star above her head. The star is illustrated to be shining.

She is also illustrated to be holding a jug on each hand. It is depicted that the naked woman is pouring the liquid, one jug pouring liquid on the earth and the other jug pouring liquid onto the water. Some of the older tarot cards draws the woman to be staring only at the sky instead of kneeling and pouring liquid. Some decks have the woman point at the shining star.

Taking the meaning of the card to a bit by bit level, the pool in the drawing is oftentimes referring to the subconscious in one’s self or the universal. The land, on the other hand, refers to material things. The naked woman is the representation of the goddess of Nature. She will be the person responsible in renewing both the subconscious or the universal and the material world.

It is also said that this card is a representation of renewed hope. It tells about inspiration and discovery. It also tells about the blessings that will come into our life soon. This blessings may come in a form of new business venture, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and relationships. This means that this card is generally a symbol of good omen.

The Star Interpretations

Common interpretation of The Star card is that of calmness. The calmness of a person will most likely result to a free-flowing love which may result to ultimate trust. There is also the interpretation of tranquility. Tranquility means exactly like peace of mind. This may result to purity of essence. Hope and serenity is another interpretation, which might lead to an inspiration for life and generosity towards others.

There is also optimism and joy which will eventually strengthen faith and thus lead to regeneration. Good will and optimism will surely foster harmony. There might even be a renewal of forces to arise along with this.

This card will help in allowing us to look up from living a mundane existence here on this Earth. It allows us to look towards Heaven, anticipating blessings and guidance that will help us have a positive outlook in life. It helps in stirring up our faith and leading us towards the positive nature of the things we believe in. When reversed, this card may point to the direction of negativity. In addition to that, one may be lost in self doubt and ignorance.

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