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Tarot Card Spreads Explained

When it comes to foretelling and predicting future happenings of a certain person, a tarot reading and their corresponding tarot card spreads is now one of the most popular card reading dealings that many of us are fond of.

Formerly, most people wanted to read their fortunes through a fortune teller, a special person who knows how to read minds by just staring at the person using his or her “psychic skills”.

The same thing can also be done by using divine card desks to acquire foresights of the future or divine prophecies, this is done by using a so called tarot card deck.

In tarot reading, although it is also another kind of fortune telling, it uses tarot cards to interpret the present and future possibilities of the querent (the subject) instead of the traditional deck cards.

Patterns in Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot Card SpreadsThe tarot card spreads are mainly composed of 78 cards and divided into two distinct groups; the Major Arcana (Greater Secrets), consisting of 22 cards while the rest of the 56 cards comprise the Minor Arcana (Lesser Secrets). Additionally, the patterns used in tarot card readings are known as the “Spreads”. So if you love tarot reading, here are the other things you should know about this subject.

Tarot readers doesn’t need to have “psychic abilities” (commonly referred as the “sixth sense”), the reader can actually read the tarot card spreads by means of “intuition”. Therefore, this only proves that fortune telling and free tarot reading are definitely not the same, like the usual misconception of many. Anybody or all of us can learn the way of tarot reading. However, it involves loads of practice to be able to read the tarot card spreads accurately.

Every tarot card has its own meaning and it can reflect the current situation of the querent wherein the reader will tell his or her interpretation either it indicates bad or good signs. Based on the interpretations as shown by the tarot card spreads, this will serve as “guide” for the querent, and not to tell his or her fortune.

From the current readings, whatever it denotes, the querent still has the authority to form his/her fate while acknowledging the suggestions of the reader. Unlike in fortune telling, everything is based on the “insights” of the fortune teller and mostly is hardly to be true.

Tarot reading can also be associated to astrological reading as it has a variant of pattern called as Astrological spread. This pattern consists of 12 cards representing the 12 zodiac signs being formed in a circle while a significator (the card that represents the querent) is placed in the middle portion.

Other common tarot card spreads used in tarot reading are Celtic Cross (the most common), 1-card spread, 3-card spread, Star spread, and the Mirror spread to name a few.


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