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Major Arcana’s Temperance Card

One of the tarot cards which has a great importance in the major arcana deck is the 14th trump card. The 14th trump card is the well-known Temperance card. The Temperance card is definitely on of the key figures when it comes to tarot interpretation. This tarot card stand in between the Death card and The Devil card.

temperance - tarot card meaningWhen it comes to major arcana cards, the first thing that would come into one’s mind is the term divination. Indeed, this deck is being used to interpret and reveal the things that one needs to do in order to have a better future. With proper skills in divination, one will be able to tell his future with the use of the tarot card reading. These are very helpful tools in divination, after all.

There are some Italian decks which illustrates and associates the Temperance card with the number six or seven. It is also given the Italian name of La Temperanza. Most decks, however, are consistent in numbering it as the 14th card. Moreover, some decks name the tarot card not Temperance but Art.

The card is illustrated as a person which is engaged in the act of pouring liquid from one receptacle into another one. However, there are decks that have its Temperance card illustrated with the dominating figure as an angel or a winged figure instead of a normal person. This person is oftentimes female. Sometimes, it is illustrated as androgynous. The figure stands with one of its foot on water and the other on land.

Temperance Tarot Card Interpretation

Temperance, in its literal meaning, is referring to moderation. However, in symbolization, this card is interpreted as the synthesizing or the blending of the opposites. As an allegory, the dilution of one liquid with another, such as wine with water. This may mean that in moderation, it is sometimes preferable to compromise between two incompatible choices.

This card is also said to bring balance to one’s life. The Temperance card is said to be able to gain a positive effect by putting a situation or circumstance to a compromise or a balance. There will be a good thing that will come out once everything will be taken into moderation and everything will be blended in harmony. This card is also a significant card that will interpret one’s physical well-being and overall health.

In divination, the card is also interpreted to bring harmony. This harmony will trigger the balance in one’s life. Once the balance is thoroughly established, good health will follow suit. There may also be healing and unification that will happen. Transcendence, security, equilibrium, and synthesis are some of the other results or outcome of bringing this card into the throw.

It is also said that those things that one has once completed will come back to test the person. Those situations that one has once dealt with will rise again to pose problems for the person. The Temperance card will tell a person that old friends, relatives, lovers in love tarot , desires, health, or other situations that were supposed to have been long finished will come back to put one on a trial.

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