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The Tower Card

Major Arcana’s The Tower Card

As one of the tarot cards in the major arcana deck, The Tower card holds the sixteenth position. It follows immediately after The Devil card. This card may be used in tarot card reading and divination, but this card is exempted from any other card games. In other words, The Tower is a card that is not being used in every card game.

The Tower - Tarot Card MeaningThis card is heavily associated with words such as disillusionment and downfall. It is also closely related to terms such as sudden change. Revelations that brought about uncomfortable changes may also affect one’s life and personality. The trick to this card is that one should look at the lessons that he or she can gain after going through all the turbulence.

There are many illustrations for this card. For example, in the Minchiate deck, The Tower card is often represented two people who are nude or scantily dressed. They are fleeing through an open door of a building that seems to be on fire.

There is another version for the Belgian tarot card decks and other 17th century cards. For these tarot card decks, the card is called as Le Fouldre or The Lightning. In this version, a tree is depicted to be struck with lightning.

The Tarot of Paris holds another illustration. Although the card is still called as La Foudre, there is a big difference in the illustration. Instead of a tree being struck with lightning, the illustration shows The Devil who is beating his drums right in front of the mouth of hell.

In the Tarot of Marseilles, the images in the Minchiate tarot deck and Tarot of Paris are conceptualized into one. In this tarot deck, it is depicted that a burning tower is being struck with the lighting from the sky. Other variation is that instead of lightning, it was fire which struck the tower. The top section of the tower is also depicted as dislodged and almost crumbling. There are two men illustrated to be in mid-fall. Many people believed that this illustration is inspired by the story of the Tower of Babel.

The Tower Interpretations

The positive side of The Tower revolves around the interpretation that no matter how heavy the burden of the trouble one is facing right now, his chances of emerging as the victor is still high. This is also another way of saying that through chaos, transformations that have a positive impact on a person’s life will be expected. Even if the person faces problems so heavy to the point that it can ruin one’s life, there is still a silver lining up ahead.

Also this card is closely related to the keywords chaos, crisis, disillusion, and downfall. When there is chaos, there is a sudden change that will occur after. The impact of the said change will always start with hard times. In crisis, there will be revelations, disruptions, and a realization of the truth. When one is disillusioned, one’s life will crash and there will be an uncomfortable experience that will happen. Downfall will also cast a person into ruins.

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